STOPTECH 977.42000 Тормозные диски Sport Axle Pack с насечкой (к-т 4 шт) для INFINITI FX35/FX45 2003-2005

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StopTech 977.42000 Stage 2 Slotted Brake Kit 5/04-11/05 Infinti FX35

An excellent choice for the enthusiast whose rotors are nearing the end of their service life. The StopTech Stage 2 kit includes all the benefits provided by the Stage 1 kit, but adds direct replacement slotted rotors at all four corners. For customers interested in attaining an aesthetic edge, we offer cross-drilled rotors that look phenomenal behind that new set of custom wheels.

Alternatively, for the more performance minded enthusiast we recommend slotted rotors that still retain an eye catching look but are less likely to crack under repeated, severe usage. Regardless of drilling or slotting, StopTech rotors have a durable black coating on the non-swept areas of the rotor to prevent unsightly corrosion, and quality is assured as the rotors are manufactured to meet or exceed all OE specifications.

StopTech Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kits include the following:

SportStop Slotted Rotors
StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Street Performance Pads

Each kit is designed to replace all four corners of your car. By adding slotted or drilled rotors, you will prevent glazing of your brake pads, which will improve wet and dry braking performance. StopTech's SportStop Rotors include a protective black coating on the hub to prevent corrosion. Stainless Steel Brake Lines increase pedal feel and reduce the time between pedal pressure and deceleration caused by brake engagement. The stock rubber lines, flex during braking causing loss of performance as the steel lines stay intact. Good for autocross and light HPDE use. Not recommended for extended track sessions.
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Вопрос по товару
18.07.2016 09:07:27
Система подойдет на QX70? (FX37)
Быдзан Игорь (Administration)
18.07.2016 17:05:54
Добрый день, Игорь!
Данный комплект не подойдёт, на QX70 Stoptech предлагают отдельно тормозные диски и колодки.
Вопрос по товару
07.06.2018 10:55:01
Добрый день!
На FX/QX 70 3.0 дизель подойдут?
Князева Ирина (Administration)
07.06.2018 19:02:33
Добрый день!
Данный комплект не подойдет, на QX70 Stoptech предлагают отдельно тормозные диски и колодки.
Подскажите, этот товар подходит на ...?
15.09.2018 20:04:31
Здравствуйте, найдётся ли комплект для FX35 (JNRAS08W74X200801)
Ефимов Павел (Administration)
17.09.2018 13:26:07
Добрый день, этот комплект в наличии. Он под обычные скобы не для тормозов AKEBONO
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